Sri Selvakumaran Industries

SRI SELVAKUMARAN INDUSTRIES are the proposed new company for manufacturing and selling of the product which has unique and patent right. At the initial stage, we are planning to manufacture a complete home automation and home security product called as “HOME on HAND”.


 Similarly we are planning for product suitable to office and industry respectively called as OFFICE on HAND and INDUTRY on HAND.


    The objective of the SRI SELVAKUMARAN INDUSTRIES is to manufacture and sell the product which has unique in the country. We are always looking for inventive product with patent and ultimately, we don’t want anyone to compete with us for market.


   So far, we have applied patent for more than three products since 2012. As per our industry vision, we will the only industry has such a product or service to the entire global.


    Our company logo indicates that we are very focused to satisfying the customer in a unique way. That’s why we are using the mantras of “always unique”.



To be recognized nationally and internally as a successful and inventive products manufacturer and seller of premium quality, high valued products in priority sectors namely home appliances,  agricultural, education, health care and food processing with zero defect in customer satisfactions.



  • Start with home security and automation products with unique features and patent to cater the customer requirements.
  • Expand the security and automation products also for office and industrial purpose
  • Planned to expand business into other priority domains like agricultural, education, health care and food processing as line with TATA and Reliance companies.
  • lanned to expand the customer count with 100% product satisfactions
  • Maintain maximum employee satisfactions, friendly approach to maximize production