Sri Selvakumaran Institution Excellence (SSIE) is offering consultancy services to the Engineering, Business School and Polytechnic institutions across the nation since 2009. We are delivering many consulting activities for improving their institution quality through many Accreditation boards such as ISO, NBA, NAAC & ABET and guide them for getting financial support from the various funding agencies.


Sri Selvakumaran Institution Excellence (SSIE) is offers experienced accreditation specialists have first-hand knowledge of how to get your applications approved at the national level. Our consultants know how to successfully navigate the accreditation process  and save your time and money. As a first step we work with you to undertake a readiness assessment. This tells you whether you need to make improvements before you apply.

We are  providing guidance and consultancy for educational institutions including Universities, Autonomous Colleges, Affiliated Colleges, Teacher Education Institutions and Physical Education Institutions for obtaining the NAAC Accreditation under New Format ( July 2017).


Our Services


  1. One day awareness program for faculty, staff  and management
  2. Department wise faculty meeting for NAAC application (SSR) data preparation
  3. Instruction for all the faculty to prepare three years NAAC  file
  4. Online IIQA Application and SSR Preparation submission guidance
  5. Complete guidance to ensure NAAC system in your institution
  6. Setting up various institution and department level development cells
  7. Different levels of mock NAAC audit process by Internal and external experts
  8. Complete arrangements for NAAC team visit
  9. Possible questionnaires, PPT and its answers for faculty, students, alumni, company, professional bodies and parents for best outcome from NAAC committee.

      Guidance for shortcut methods to score maximum points during NAAC committee evaluation

      Convincing NAAC team for best Accreditation Outcome.


Benefits of  NAAC accreditation


  • Help the institution to know its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities through an informed review process.
  • To identify internal areas of planning and resource allocation
  • Such accreditation provides funding agencies objective data for performance funding
  • Gives institutions a new sense of direction and identity
  • Provides society with reliable information on quality of education offered
  • Employees have access to information on the quality of education offered to potential recruiters


Why Choose Us!

1. We have hands on experience in implementation of NAAC for various Educational Institutions.
2. Familiar with the methodology of NAAC Accreditation Process.
3. Geographical feasibility throughout India.
4. We are providing on campus consulting.
5. Hand holding from the initial Application submission to peer team visit.
6. Time bound and Professional approach.



As per recent decision taken by Indian Bankers Association, Only students admitted in NAAC Accredited Institutions are eligible to apply for Educational Loan to the Banks.


Offering Consultancy Services for getting NAAC Accreditation  under New Format (July 2017).