Invention + Patent + Entrepreneurship

Under our Educational Services, Sri Selvakumaran Projects & Placements (SSPP) has a vision of preparing students with innovative Projects that leads to an Entrepreneur, which is the one where our country needs to address very urgently.

One Day Training Program  for Final Year Students
We are giving a complete training on, how students have to choose a project with inventive concept, once invented, how to protect our invention through filing a patent in India and international level and then how to start an industry to convert our inventive idea into workable product or process.
Program Schedule
Timings                                   Topics
10.00  To 11.00 am – Project with Invention
11.30  To 12.30 pm – Patent Filing Process
2.00  To 3.00 pm – Challenges in Entrepreneurship
3.30  To 4.30 pm – Govt. funding Schemes for Entrepreneurship

The AICTE rankings of the institutions will be based on several parameters such as quality of infrastructure, quality of faculty, research and innovation, placements, entrepreneurial activities and collaborations with other institutions.


We are preparing your institution graduates should not be a job seeker and they must provide jobs to others. The main aim of the program is to motivate young graduates are to start an industry from their invention as line with " Make in India" policy.


Transforming the students into Entrepreneur is one of the best outcome as per NBA Accreditation Process. So, we are requesting Institutions administrator to offer such a valuable training to your final year students.

One way to increase the job opportunities for engineers is to encourage entrepreneurship.

Certificates will be issued to the student participants from our end.