Institution Doctor


After successful Educational Journey since 2009 in Publications, Career Guidance and Institution Excellence through NBA & NAAC Accreditation across the Country, Sri Selvakumaran Educational Services has step into a new field of Analyzing Institutions Performance (SWOT analysis) at Micro Level, first of its kind in India. Institution Doctor is not only giving analysis report but also framing refined scientific approach to maintain best in all kind of process.


Why need micro analysis?


Running an Engineering Institution is not a simple task from the management point of view. Previously, students were searching the college, now trend has reversed as an institution has searching the students. Due to heavy competence, if performance not up to the mark, an Engineering college has to lose its rank position in public leads to lose of admission slowly.  


Only institution with goodwill from the all the stake holders like students, parents and industry are retaining its rank for longer time. There is need of performance check in the all three stages likely Admission, Teaching & Learning and Outcome and is to be turned to ensure perfect deliverable system in an institution.


Due to interpreted data made by administrative people to an institution top management, the perfect decision is always is not possible against the defaulter.


If management is trying to get fact from the incident through their own staff, the truth will not be revealed to them. People will hide the fact because of their panic.


What Institution Doctor will do?


Doctor will get reality at ground level through its scientific methodology at an all levels of people namely students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, industry and public. Doctor will have 360 degrees of feedback system check from all the stake holders to ensure reality and its leads to perfect. A team of exports will gather information through both directly & indirectly in a scientific manner and submit the micro level analysis report to the top management for improvement.


Now, institution management has to take a right decision at right time to ensure smooth operations. At the same, doctor will give precursory measurement to avoid such an issue in future.


Outcome of Institution Doctor


  • Management read the students and staff mindset
  • Management know the parents and public opinion on running institution
  • Management must know the internal people politics leads to performance drop
  • Identify the best human resource and to retain them for institution development
  • Management know where the mismanagement happened and their root cause
  • Management getting point of their Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat in an institution
  • Management knowing why admissions are dropping and where to improve upon
  • Why more students are going away even after admission or enquiry for admission


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