LIVE NBA PROCESS - Ensuring an Outcome Based Education


AICTE has made NBA Accreditation is mandatory for all Technical Institutions if it has to look for any new course or additional intake for an existing course.The reason is to say that the country has producing  more graduates than demand in the industry, ie supply overtakes manifold demand. Under 12th five years plan, the Ministry of Human Recourse Development is now moving to point where ensuring an Outcome Based Education (OBE) ie every graduated person has committed to carry any one productive outcome either in an employment or  marks for higher education or skill set to become entrepreneur.

The Country has more than 4000 Engineering Institutions, producing more than 13 lakhs engineering graduates every year. When look on employment view, hardly 20% of them are only getting jobs with respect to their course of study. As per NASSCOM report, every year their associate partners are going to hire only around 2.2 lakhs engineering students for both IT and ITES. What about remaining students?. Institutions are producing unemployable, unskilled, technically qualified, and person with investment of lakhs of rupees.

Previously, students were searching the colleges, now trend has reversed as an institution is searching the students. There is need of performance check in the all three stages namely Admission, Teaching & Learning and Outcome and is to be turned to ensure perfect deliverable system in an institution.

This is the only reason for students forced to take their career plan in other domains like arts and science and paramedical. Around 70% of private engineering colleges invariably in all states are forced to rethink and redefine their action for their survival and future course of action to continue their service in educational domain.

Through our  observations from major institutions in almost all states in the country, Sri Selvakumaran Educational Service has come forward to support private engineering institutions to ensure Outcome Based Education through our various activities.

How many private Engineering Colleges managements are aware exact reasons for the poor admission exclusively for their institutions?

Highlights of Our NBA Accreditation Service

  1. Best Guidance to faculty, Students and Managements for ensuring maximum NBA points
  2. Ensuring NBA process is part of regular academic process in your institution
  3. Our process is not like other process of filing SAR, making NBA files and Exposing to NBA team. Our live NBA process is to bring all stake holders into live action on all regular activities
  4. Educational system has to be strength through fine turning of teaching and learning process in a systematic way beyond NBA Accreditation
  5. Our team has to ensure that our service is not only for getting NBA Accreditation but also to strength real time outcome based educational process for the students
  6. Providing all resources needed for getting full NBA Accreditation is a part of our service


Through our NBA service

  • Management read the students and staff mindset
  • Management know the parents and public opinion on running institution
  • Management must know the internal people politics leads to performance drop
  • Identify the best human resource and to retain them for institution development
  • Management know where the mismanagement happened and their root cause
  • Management getting point of their Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat in an institution
  • Management knowing why admissions are dropping and where to improve upon
  • Why more students are going away even after admission or enquiry for admission


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